International Association of Geodesy SSG 3.167

Welcome to the Home Page of the IAG Special Study Group SSG 3.167 on
Regional Land and Marine Geoid Modelling

The Special Study Group (SSG) 3.167 was established by the XXIth General Assembly of IAG held in Boulder, Colorado, USA, July 3-14, 1995, as one of the four SSGs of Section III "Determination of the gravity field" (President: Rene Forsberg) under the chairmanship of Herman van Gysen. After the sad circumstances of Herman's death, I was nominated by the IAG Executive Committee as the new chairman of the SSG for its remaining life.

The main topics and research directions of our SSG were first established by Herman van Gysen after studying the "position paper" of each member. The first shape of the present web page has been created by Herman and  I updated it properly when I took over the chair of the SSG, including additional information, relevant literature, contributions of the SSG members and several new links.

In the frame of our future plans we would like to call the members of our SSG and all the interested colleagues for a scientific meeting in Trieste, next September, where the 2nd joint meeting of the International Gravity Commission (IGC) and the International Geoid Commission (IGeC) will be held.

The main scientific target of the SSG in its remaining period of life, is the distribution, to the members of our SSG by the end of September, of different data types (e.g., surface gravity data, height data, satellite altimetry data, GPS control heights, etc.) in order to perform different numerical tests related to gravity field modelling in a test area composed by land and sea regions. The expected output will be a report which will be presented in the IUGG General Assembly in Birmingham.

This home page serves as the forum for discussion and exchange of ideas regarding regional geoid modelling, over land and sea. Please feel free to contribute your ideas on geoid modelling, on what the study group should be doing, or how the home page can be improved.

Ilias N. Tziavos





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