GOCESeaComb Project News

arrow 22/10/2013: The GOCESeaComb participation with an oral presentation to the IAG2013 Scientific Assembly in Potsadam, Germany (1-6/09/2013) is now available for download. (Presentation in PDF)

arrow 19/06/2013: The GOCESeaComb team will participate to the forthcoming IAG2013 Scientific Assembly in Potsadam, Germany (1-6/09/2013) with one presentation, scheduled as oral. (Abstract in PDF)

arrow 07-12/04/2013: The GOCESeaComb team has participated to the European Geosciences Union General Assembly in Vienna. Four presentations have been given under the titles:

"Mean dynamic ocean topography determination from recent GOCE/GRACE geopotential models and satellite altimetry data" (Presentation in PDF)

"GRACE induced mass changes over continental and marine areas and correlations with rain-gauge data and oscillation indexes" (Presentation in PDF).

"On the determination of EVISAT SLA analytical covariance functions and correlation with climate indexes" (Presentation in PDF).

"External calibration/validation of ESA’s GOCE mission and contribution to DOT and SLA determination using a stochastic approach - The GOCESeaComb Project" (Presentation in PDF).

arrow 09-12/10/2012: The GOCESeaComb team has participated to the IAG International Symposium on Gravity, Geoid and Height Systems GGHS 2012 in Venice. Two presentations have been given under the titles:
"Evaluation of GOCE/GRACE Global Geopotential Models over Greece with collocated GPS/Levelling observations and local gravity data" (Presentation in PDF)
"Estimation of the geopotential value Wo for the local vertical datum of continental Greece using EGM08 and GPS/leveling data" (Presentation in PDF).

arrow 23-29/09/2012: The GOCESeaComb team has participated in the ESA/CNES "20 years of progress in radar altimetry conference". A presentation has been given under the title "Sea level anomaly and dynamic ocean topography analytical covariance functions in the Mediterranean Sea from ENVISAT data". Both the presentation and the paper submitted to the proceedings can be downloaded in PDF format. Presentation and Paper.

arrow 27/08/2012: The GOCESeaComb web-page has been launched. For comments please contact the site webmaster.

arrow 17/08/2012: The GOCESeaComb kick-off meeting has been carried out. Work is under way.

arrow 30/07/2012: GOCESeaComb contract signed with the ESA PRODEX Office (Contract No: 4000106380)

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