International Association of Geodesy
International Association of Geodesy

Section III - Determination of the Gravity Field

3rd Meeting of the International Gravity and Geoid Commission

Gravity and Geoid 2002 - GG2002

I.N. Tziavos

The papers on this web site are un-reviewed versions of the oral or poster presentations provided by the authors during the conference. All papers submitted for publication to the conference proceedings will undergo a regular review process and after acceptance by the reviewers and the respective conveners will be published in the printed Proceedings issued by Ziti Editions.

Forward by Prof. Ilias N. Tziavos

Table of Contents


Conference Opening Address

by Prof. Ilias N. Tziavos

Keynote Address by the President of the IGGC Prof. Martin Vermeer

"Surveying the Planet - An Issue of Gravity with Great Potential"

Session 1: Gravimetry and Gravity Networks

Conveners: Rene Forsberg and Jacques Liard

Session 2: Precise Geoid Determination

Conveners: Will Feathersonte and Heiner Denker

Session 3: Dedicated Gravity Satellite Missions

Conveners: Peter Schwintzer and Nico Sneeuw

Session 4: Satellite Altimetry

Conveners: Martin Vermeer and Jaroslav Klokočník

Session 5: Numerical Methods and Integrated Processing of Heterogeneous Data

Conveners: Dimitrios Arabelos and Gabriel Strykowski

Session 6: Vertical Datum Definition and Unificaiton

Conveners: Bill Kearsley and Ambrus Kenyeres

Session 7: Geodynamics, Tides and Temporal Gravity Variations

Conveners: Luisa Βastos and Detlef Wolf

Conference Closing Address

by Prof. Ilias N. Tziavos

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